As a result of the 2020 pandemic and a requirement to social distance, I have created a wonderful selection of ONLINE “Live” classes.


TO THE POINT Zoom “Live”  Mini Workshops offer specific, focused training in 2 hours. Get a jump-start, review, or spark your creativity. Beginning to advanced students.


BASICS & BEYOND Workshops and ONLINE ART &  ILLUSTRATION Courses provide comprehensive core instruction, highlighting technique competency and emphasis on media and/or subject matter. Learn tools and tricks while receiving personal guidance that helps build your confidence and enthusiasm to explore new challenges.   


My Online Workshops and Courses follow the same rigorous attention to detail and planning as my In-Person classes. Many students say that Online  “Live” sessions help them concentrate and learn effectively since their attention is more directed. As an instructor, I feel the same way - the fluidity of toggling between demos, lecture, presentations, group critiques and one-on-one work sessions is extremely efficient and powerful.

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Student Requirements 

for taking an ONLINE class 


  • Some basic art skills and art materials 

  • A good understanding of the English language

  • Access to a computer and a good internet connection

  • Working knowledge of using Zoom.
    Technical issues are the responsibility of the student

  • Working knowledge of how to take a good quality digital image 

  • Ability to send a jpeg attachment as an email

  • A willingness to learn, share and explore the world of creativity!


TO THE POINT Zoom “Live” Mini Workshops

Inspired by the onset of COVID-19, these experimental mini sessions were so popular with my regular students that I’ve opened them up to the general public.


Intrigued by art but don’t know where to start, challenged by the perspective of flower petals, wondering how to use halos in pen & ink, having trouble creating realistic textures in graphite? These sessions are for you. 

My Workshops incorporate:

  • Two 1-hour Zoom “Live” sessions (taught one week apart)

  • Focus on specific artistic challenges

  • Demos and alongside drawing exercises

  • Maximum of 12 students per Workshop

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Workshops


Sessions begin with a demo that defines the challenge and solution. Listen and watch, then draw and practice in parallel. Ask questions and receive answers on the spot. Benefit from critiques that provide you with encouragement to tackle your next drawing challenge. 


Work on a homework assignment and practice your newly acquired skills. Then participate in an enlightening, interactive group critique that reinforces your understanding of solutions, helps you to learn new approaches and infuses confidence in your creative expression.

BASICS & BEYOND Art Workshops (Remote)

Co-taught with Susan Rubin (, these classes provide all levels of student the opportunity to learn, review and practice the basics of drawing. Lots of hands-on exercises, one-on-one attention, demos and even a bit of dancing inspires students to excel in a competition-free environment. There’s so much to learn from two professional artists with over 55 years combined experience! 


These All-Levels Workshops include:

  • BACK to BASICS: Drawing with Confidence

  • BEYOND the BASICS: Successful Shading

  • BEYOND the BASICS: Into Color

  • BEYOND the BASICS: Face It (Drawing Portraits)

  • BEYOND the BASICS: Drawing Challenges

  • BEYOND the BASICS: Drawing Challenges 2

  • BEYOND the BASICS: Cabinet of Curiosities


Zoom “Live” art courses are a fun way to learn art skills, techniques and receive one-on-one instruction in the comfort of your office or home. In many ways, I feel the online platform offers a more direct, distraction-free environment in which to learn.

As an educator, my goal is to inspire you to listen, watch, practice, learn and graduate from a course with a new set of art tools that excite you to explore on your own. Detailed syllabus and handouts provide a well-defined road map of the course; live demos, active discussion and in-class exercises prepare you for class-specific homework assignments. PLUS, daily group art shares and live interactive critiques provide a perfect way to review and reinforce skills, techniques, tools and tricks.


My Online Courses incorporate:

  • Zoom “Live” classes

  • Five 3-hour course or three 5-hour formats 

  • Live lectures, instruction, demos, discussion,
    in-class exercises, one-on-one and group critiques, and homework

  • Maximum of 12 students per course

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels 


Courses include:

  • Let's Get Drawing

  • Introduction to Pen and Ink

  • Advanced Pen & Ink

  • Drawing from Botanical Herbarium Specimens

  • Transparent Acrylics

  • Perspective for the Botanical Illustrator

  • Composition

  • and subject-specific topics

ONLINE ART & ILLUSTRATION Classes hosted by Educational Institutions 

Looking for an online Science Illustration class or a basic "How-To" art class at an institution near you?

I teach a variety of fun and unique, all-level classes hosted by Natural History and Science Museums, Botanic Gardens, Art Schools and national and international science illustration and botanical art Conferences.

Check out my upcoming classes and be sure to sign up quickly. These offerings fill quickly!


Perspective Techniques for Better Drawing

Learn the basics of non-architectural linear perspective 6 episodes (3 hrs 12 mins).

Join hundreds of people worldwide in my Craftsy class! Learn simple methods to draw perspective accurately, without all the fuss! Follow me as I guide you to complete three projects to help you hone your skills. Discover a new way to see the three-dimensional world and translate it to paper with ease. With step-by-step guidance, see just how easy drawing perspective becomes, even for beginners.

Have an idea for a Online Workshop?

Remote Workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your unique group.

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