IN-PERSON Summer Workshops
will be posted starting in 2022
Please check back in February

On the Road in New Mexico Art Trip

- Taos, Pojoaque, Santa Fe -
with Marjorie Leggitt and Susan Rubin

Saturday, October 9 - Friday, October 14, 2022

6 days filled with daily sketching, off-the-beaten-track

adventuring, galleries, museums, cultural sites, art talks
and more!

Limited to 12
Details and pricing TBD


offered through Denver Botanic Gardens, Museums and other institutions


January - June 2022


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Quick Sketch with Watercolor: Spring Flowers ONLINE

Thursday through Saturday
March 31-April 2, 2022

9:00am --Noon MST

A workshop for ALL LEVELS!

Come in from the garden and pick up your paint brush! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to work with award winning botanical illustrator and artist, Marjorie Leggitt. Joining you from her studio in Boulder, Marjorie will show you how to capture the gestural lines and transient color of spring flowers whether you're inside or outside!

Starting with demos and drawing exercises, discover the simple lines, basic shapes and geometric forms that build the foundation for your sketches. Learn how to capture values and shadows before the light changes and apply simple watercolor layers to create that colorful spark. Have fun as you follow the twists and turns of a flower using expressive line work while developing solid techniques that will make future sketching and painting a breeze. Before you know it, you'll be out in the garden again filling your sketch book with nature's floral bounty.

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Penstemons in Pen & Ink 

Tuesdays and Thursdays
May 17, 19, 24, 26, 2022

4:00-7:00pm MST

Previous experience in Pen & Ink and drawing plants (and birds) is strongly recommended!

Drought tolerate, a natural hummingbird attractor, and found in a wide variety of habitats, Penstemon is the largest genus of flowering plants endemic to North America. Elegant and graceful, these plants are perfect specimens to illustrate in pen and ink. 

This workshop begins with an introduction by Eddy Dawson, Director of Programs and Botanist at Red Butte Garden. Learn about penstemon morphology and the diversity of species. (Fun Fact: Utah has more native species of penstemons than in any other state!)

Then work with a live plant to create a graphite contour drawing that forms the foundation for your ink plate. Learn about the tools and practice pen and ink "marks" as Marjorie demonstrates how line and stipple work together to define shape, value, texture and patterns. Discover the secrets to making parallel-line stems, fuzz on the staminode, and an intricate inflorescence. Practice "less is more" and artistic "tricks" to develop spatial qualities. Come away with a beautiful black and white illustration of a penstemon of your choice! (You might even want to include a hummingbird!)

Denver Botanic Gardens 


 taught by Marjorie Leggitt 

• Pen & Ink 1 - 5 week class, starts 1/10/2022
• Perfecting Perspective - 5 week class, starts 1/10/2022

• Using Photos Wisely - 5 week class, starts 1/11/2022

• Pen & Ink 2 - 5 week class, starts 1/11/2022

• Light on Form - 5 week class, starts 1/12/2022


• Composition - 3 day class, Friday - Sunday 2/18-20/2022

• Pen & Ink 1 - 5 week class, starts 2/21/2022

• Drawing on Tradition: Art in the Style of Ernst Haeckle, 5 week class,          starts 2/22/2022

• Composition - 5 week class, starts 2/22/2022


• Flower Portraits:Fascinating Perspective - 5 week class, starts 3/7/2022


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