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Marjorie Leggitt portrait



Raised in a family that encouraged observation, creativity, and independent thinking, my childhood was shaped by a community of artists and the art they created. Unstructured days to explore the arroyos, plains and mountains of Colorado and New Mexico imbued in me a reverence for the natural world.


As an adult, I live in Boulder, Colorado. I still roam the landscape and am transfixed by the flight pattern of a hummingbird and the complexity of a tulip. My passion for plants has grown. It now manifests itself in my perennial and vegetable gardens. Both provide an infinite supply of subject matter to investigate and express on paper.


More than art...

While I love creating art, I am equally passionate about sharing my artistic knowledge and experience. For me, walking into a classroom or seeing one of my Zoom classes full of eager students is as exciting as vacationing in an exotic country! I give a lot and my students learn a lot. No matter the number of times I've taught a class, I continue to learn. 

Pen and Ink illustration for Flora of North America

What I do as an illustrator,

and how I can help you.

I am a natural science, botany-focused illustrator with an affinity for nature's exquisite patterns and interlaced relationships.


For over 3 decades I have worked with scientists, art directors, authors, publishers, museums and commercial business owners to produce 100's of illustrations for publication, interpretive signage, and commission.


I am here to...

  • Listen, research, interpret and create visual imagery.

  • Help you communicate and clarify complex ideas.

  • Build a visual connection between you and your audience.

Marjorie Leggitt teaching an art class

What I do as an educator,

and how I can help you.

I am an art educator with over 30 years of experience. I teach students the fundamentals of drawing, painting and botanical illustration while infusing the importance of self-discovery, failure and adventuring beyond one's comfort zone.


I am at ease in the traditional on-site classroom, the remote-learning on-line environment and out-of-doors. Graphite, pen and ink, watercolor, transparent acrylics and digital art reveal my passion for line, shape, value, color and their intrinsic connections.


I am here to...

  • Teach you art theory and technique.

  • Instruct you on how to use tools of the trade.

  • Guide you through exercises.

  • Help you to build your skill set.

  • Support your progress as you develop and gain confidence while finding your own artistic voice.

  • Design and teach a workshop for your particular group at your location. 

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