POPPIES: "Quick Draw, Quick Paint"   Wednesdays, May 18-June 15, 2022

POPPIES: "Quick Draw, Quick Paint" - shape, form and color


Online Zoom Art Workshop

5 day - 3 hours classes, with one 10 minute break


Wednesdays, May 18 - June 15, 2022

4:00 - 7:00pm MST


Graphite and Watercolor

Advanced Beginner to Advanced students

Previous experience using Watercolors is recommended

Limited to 12 students


This workshop is all about capturing the shapes, forms and colors of transient Poppy flowers using the practice of QUICK drawing and QUICK painting. Poppy petals spiral out from a tight bud into a full flower, and the shapes, sizes and perspective evolve in hours! Learn how to guide your graphite pencils and build color to value watercolor layers to beautifully express these ephemeral favorites. (NOTE: we will be working from real cut flowers!)


Starting with demos and drawing exercises, discover the simple lines, basic shapes and geometric forms of these plants. Learn how expressive linework enhances the delicate twists and overlaps. Then plan your composition as thumbnails or develop a more organic arrangement as you add sketches of buds, blooms, capsules and foliage to the capture the feel of a natural setting.


Experience the immediacy when pencil "sketches" are combined with simple color. Have fun practicing watercolor mixing and layering exercises to match colors and build papery textures, values and shadows. Using this quick and simple method, you'll create a beautiful Poppy composition.


As your garden grows throughout the summer, take this new approach to watercolor painting out in the garden and fill your sketch book with nature's floral bounty.

POPPIES: "Quick Draw, Quick Paint" Wednesdays, May 18-June 15, 2022

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