TO THE POINT Skills: THE POWER OF LINE  •  2/5 & 12, 2021

TO THE POINT Mini Drawing Workshop


Online ZOOM Art Workshop


FRIDAYS, February 5 & 12, 2021
Noon to 1:00pm MST




Beginner to Advanced level
Limited to 12 students


Doodling, sketching, scribbling...these activities are the essential building blocks of a good drawing. Whether you're new to drawing or a professional artist, the exercises presented in this class stimulate eye-mind-hand muscle memory. Let your hand trace a modern dance, express the energy of a rollercoaster ride, follow the folds and textures of your touch, learn to trust what your eye sees. Like magic, the skills you learn will take you to a whole new artistic plateau!


Workshop overview:

• In advance of Session 1, students work on a brief assignment and email a photo before Session 1

• Session 1: Discussion, demo and in-class exercises offer solutions to the drawing challenge

• In advance of Session 2, students work on a drawing challenge to practice new skills and email a photo before Session 2

• Session 2: Group critique, questions, demo and in-class exercises reinforce new skills and solutions  


TO THE POINT Skills: THE POWER OF LINE • 2/5 & 12, 2021

  • Refunds are made ONLY for class cancellations caused by low enrollment. Please check your schedule before registering!

    Should you cancel your reservation for any reason, you will receive a Class Credit ONLY if the seat is filled by another student.

    I am unable to provide make-up opportunities, prorations or refunds for missed classes.

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