ECHINACEA in GRAPHITE  •  Wednesdays, 7/14 - 8/11, 2021


Online Zoom Art Course

5 day - 3 hours classes, with a 10 minute break


Wednesdays, July 14 - August 11, 2021

1:00 - 4:00pm MST



Intermediate to Advanced students

Limited to 12 students


Native to North America, Echinacea (coneflowers) are exceptional specimens that demonstrate spirals in Nature. From disk flower, to ray flower, to involucre, the radiating patterns are hard not to see! This makes it both easy and challenging to draw.


Learn about the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers, then create a "skeleton"  drawing that forms the foundation of your flower drawing. Discover how simple lines turn into rays (petals) and shape patterns evolve into the 3-dimensional structure made up of disk flowers. Using a variety of tools, map out lights and darks to define shadows, colors and textures and complete the artistic challenge.


With the opportunity to learn and/or review the diversity of graphite as a medium, you'll come away with a new appreciation for the patterns in nature and a beautiful rendering of a very complex flower!


Students will provide their own flowers.

ECHINACEA in GRAPHITE • Wednesdays, 7/14 - 8/11, 2021

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